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Martin Roland

Martin Roland MA3000HD Professional Digital 1600W Echo Mixing Amplifier

Martin Roland MA3000HD Professional Digital 1600W Echo Mixing Amplifier

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Designed by German engineers, Martin Roland is known for its quality and durability. This professional mixing amplifier is built to sustain continuous usage at maximum wattage output. It is a perfect companion for DJs VJs, and KJs who are seeking for a reliable component that will carry them throughout the long night without the nightmare of equipment failure. MA3000HD is the right one for all the occasions.

MA3000HD is the first digital Optical/COAXIAL & HDMI with USB Recording karaoke mixing amplifier in the world with a built-in 800W + 800W of hard hitting power. The newest features added is the Optical / Coaxial Input which allows you to connect directly to any Smart TV for Youtube Karaoke and enjoy million FREE Karaoke Songs. USB Recording Function which allows you to recording your own voice while singing your favorite songs as MP3 format and playback.( After recording the song change input to USB hold the play button for 3 seconds it will play the song you just singing.) Bluetooth Function open the Bluetooth connection choose "Bluetooth AMP" no code need. which allow you to listen music wireless from any Phone or Tablet, Even Youtude Karaoke wirelessly. The HDMI Function also built in MA3000HD with High Definition Video 4K output on both Video & Audio, which produces the highest and best sound quality. Also built with rich professional console appearance.

HEADPHONE FUNCTION: Head phone with volume control. Music output switch. Using headphone you can turn on the the music output switch let the sound only in your headphone.

It also has 3 microphone inputs can be adjusted individually, and you can have the 11-steps 16Bit key control for tone change. The main output power can be remotely controlled; the music volume is controlled by remote too. I like it very much for its 2 individual inputs from 2 sources, both can be connected from audio and video, so you can switch between 2 equipments to out their video and audio by one remote, the best part is that you just need one input jack on TV for Video, it is an expansion for input from DVD or Music System. Plus, there is a mixed output ( Music and Vocal), from this one, you can connect it with a TV input, so that no matter what source you select, you can hear it from the TV speaker. The New Built-in Headphone Jack is available for Record monitoring and silent Practice.

Warranty 1 year from your purchase date.



  • Max. Peak Power Output: 800W + 800W
  • Infrared Remote control
  • 8 Inputs: VOD/DVD/OPT/COA/HD1/HD2/USB/BT
  • Innovative Digital Echo effect Processing
  • 5 microphone Inputs (3 front/2 rear)
  • Microphone Volume/Bass/Midrange/Treble/Balance/Echo Level Adjust
  • Echo Effect Volume/Bass/Treble/Repeat-deepness/Delay-time control
  • Music Volume/Balance/Bass/Midrange/Treble Adjust
  • 11 Steps16-Bits Digital Key Control
  • 2 Audio sources input Selector
  • 2 Video Input ,1 Video Output (RCA)
  • 2 HDMI Inputs (HD1 and HD2), 1 HDMI Output
  • Headphone Jack is available for Record monitoring and silent Practice
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protecting
  • Advanced Channel type Heating-blow System
  • AC 115/230V Selectable.

Package Includes:

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • User's Menu
  • Power cord
  • Optical cable
  • RCA cable
  • HDMI cable
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