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Empire Aria-900 Dual Diversity Wireless Microphone

Empire Aria-900 Dual Diversity Wireless Microphone

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Sound Quality

When designing the ARIA-900, sound quality was the paramount priority. It has to excel for the end user. Whether you are using it for lead vocals during a live performance, getting a party going as an MC, or having some fun with friends doing karaoke, the Aria will shine.

The ARIA-900 pick up cartridge was specifically designed to have an accurate and natural sound quality. The cardioid polar response ensures to pick up vocals nicely while rejecting sound from the sides and rear. This helps reduce feedback during live performances.

The wireless transmission uses dual diversity technology for a stable and clear reception.

Independent balanced XLR outputs ensures a clean signal to your mixer.

Build Quality& Ergonomics

It's got to feel good when you're holding the Mic and its got to be easy to use. The body of the ARIA-900 is made of metal for a rugged solid feel. The On/ Off button is placed at the bottom to prevent accidental turn off while handling the microphone.

Attention to detail was made so the microphone has minimal handling noise. Nothing more annoying than hearing a rubbing sounds when someone is talking into the microphone. The ARIA-900 has very minimal noise.

Package content

2 x Handheld Microphone Transmitter
1 x Wireless Receiving Unit
4 x High Gain Antenna
2 x Anti Roll Mic Ring
1 x ¼ Inch Microphone Cable
1 x 12V AC/DC Power Adapter

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